"I was a little sceptical at the start when joining especially since I hadn't played football for a few years and have been suffering with back pain. I soon realised all the other guys had similar concerns and we were in this together. The food diaries helped me to see where I was going wrong. By actually eating more and 3 times a day meant I snacked less and the exercise kick started my metabolism. Mark & Steve have been very supportive throughout the course. I have never really dieted before and my main goal was to get fit doing something I enjoyed whilst meeting new people. The weight as a consequence and the waist size decreasing was an added bonus. I'd recommend this course to those who are not happy with their weight and want to make a change whilst having a bit of fun. We are all enjoying it so much we've asked to continue on an ongoing basis!"




"So far I have found the course very motivational, it has helped me to identify the areas I needed to change as I had always thought that I was doing the right thing, but only through participating in the project has it allowed me to understand the importance of nutritional structure and balance, this coupled with really enjoyable football training sessions and matches has had such a positive effect on me it becomes very addictive. When you start to see week on week improvements in yourself both visually and physically it has far reaching positive effects within other areas of your life, I really cannot recommend it enough. Both Mark and Steve excel within their specialist fields if you are looking to make positive change then they will help you reach that goal!"





"I really enjoy the programme, it gives me a purpose / reason to want to lose weight, you want to beat last week's weigh in etc. What better way Playing football 2 nights a week, rather than doing something boring that more than likely you wouldn't  keep up. I hope the programme can continue"





alpha_footie_-95"I was a regular gym user for many years but had to stop due to persistent back issues. This programme has given me a new lease of life in terms of regular exercise with the added bonus that it also involves playing football! Mark & Steve exhibit tremendous enthusiasm and their support and advice is benefiting everybody who is lucky enough to have signed up to this footy fitness initiative."





"For me personally, the information and support provided on the nutrition side has been a massive help. It's something that I still haven't cracked but - week on week providing advice about what food works and what doesn't has been invaluable. I feel I am slowly edging towards my overall goal, and most certainly feel far healthier.

Keep up the good work guys! "



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