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alpha_footie_-111Background: The Alpha Programme was first created to offer nutritional support and fitness through football to men aged 35-64 years old and with a BMI of 25 or above.
Overweight and obese men are often recognised as a hard to reach population. Despite over a quarter of all men between the ages of 35 to 64 classified as obese and just under half of all men as overweight men are less likely to participate in weight loss programmes when compared with women.

Why The Alpha programme: The Alpha programme is a fun, scientifically designed football and nutrition programme specifically for men. The Alpha programme has been optimised from two leading football research programmes.

The Alpha programme is neither a calorie deficit or replacement diet plan. These diets have short term benefits whereas the Alpha Nutritional programme (not a weight loss diet) is for life. We will NOT offer you an alternative diet to the one that you are on. No over-consumption of salads and other foods that men often feel are bland and boring. The programmes has been adapted so that you can continue to enjoy the foods you like.

Our Nutritional support is provided by a fully qualified Nutritionist with 15 years experience in research and running weight loss programmes. We also have a certified Nutritionist and student Dietician.



Coaching is provided by fully qualified FA football coaches. The programme currently runs one day per week (though the nutrition is continuous).

Please follow this link to view the Alpha team.

Will I be welcomed? The Alpha programme offers a friendly supportive environment. All new members are welcomed and supported by the other members. You will make friends fast.

Am I fit enough? We all have to start somewhere. So far all of our participants had been out of football for several years. Many of our veterans have witnessed vast improvements in fitness. Those that have joined us recently are noticing improvements in fitness almost weekly.

Is Alpha for you? If you are someone that loves football, needs to improve fitness levels, is not particularly excited by the gym or needs more than just the gym, has a hard time with eating the right things or needs a little guidance then you are in the right place!

Call us on 03300 101 532 or email with any questions
or register a free week on our pricing page!


"I was a regular gym user for many years but had to stop due to persistent back issues. This programme has given me a new lease of life in terms of regular exercise with the added bonus that it also involves playing football! Mark & Steve exhibit tremendous enthusiasm and their support and advice is benefiting everybody who is lucky enough to have signed up to this footy fitness initiative." KC

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If you are interested in joining the Alpha programme then please visit the pricing page and register for a FREE week!